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WHITE MOUNTAIN TOURS has been in business since 1991. We have hosted more than 100,000 riders, many of whom return year after year to experience exhilarating high altitude powder riding, in the area called Chicago Ridge. Our guides are veterans, working with our company for over a decade and are CPR trained. Your safety is always our prime concern and you will appreciate our experience, professionalism, and the sport of snowmobiling.

Basic Pack

For Fun
$ 5
Per Ride
  • Riding on a snowmobile with gaurd
  • Transportation up to the glacier by truck
  • Chasing Ice
Basic pack

Full Service Pack

For Extreme Fun
$ 19
Per Ride
  • Single riding on a snowmobile
  • Transportation up to the glacier by truck minimum 4 pax
  • Glacier walk
  • ATV - Quads
MOst popular

High Adventure Tours

We start riding from our back country base at 11,000 feet, up groomed trails, high above the tree line, to altitudes of above 12,000 feet. Most of our riding is in back-country bowls and meadows. Every ride will take you across the Continental Divide. The spectacular views here at the “top of the world” include 14,000 foot mountains called the “Fourteeners”. Cameras definitely are a Must! The clear blue Colorado skies and abundant sunshine will make this one of your favorite days in Summit County!

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Age Requirements:

Must be 3 years and up to participate
Must be 16 years to drive (15 with a valid permit)
Must be 18 years to carry a passenger
Maximum of two people per machine
Maximum weight 450 lbs. per machine

Latest News

7 Interesting Things That You Can Do In A Winter Mountain

winter mountain

Are you and your family decides to spend your winter holiday in the snowy wildlife and mountains? If yes, you should know that there are some interesting things and activities that you can do there. These activities will surely make your stay more enjoyable and unforgettable for everybody. If you are thinking that these activities are too boring for you, well you might be thinking wrong. You need to know that you can have a long list of fun and exciting activities that you would never find boring and will surprise you. If you want to know what these fun activities are, you can read the list below to help you.

Here is the list of the interesting things that you can do in wildlife and mountains during the winter seasons.

Go For Sledding

The most common and popular activity that you can do in this kind of place during winter is sledding. Since those mountains are covered with thick snows, you will only need to use a sled which you will ride on for you to slide downhill. Sledding is the very exciting and enjoyable activity that everybody can do to have fun during this season. Even kids and children would surely love doing this and would go for many times of slides. But before you do this, you should equip yourself first with safety gears such as helmets and knee pads so that you can be protected from the possible accidents that might occur.

Watch The Winter Wildlife

As you know that the forests and wildlife is usually full of silence and tranquility in every winter seasons, then this is the perfect time for you to discover the inside of these forests. One of way of discovering it is by watching and observing the different kinds of winter wildlife such as a group of huge moose and sheep. You can see and take pictures of this wildlife scenery that you can display to serve as a souvenir of your experience. You just need to make sure that you do not disturb them and avoid giving foods because this might not be good for them.

Attempt The Ice Climbing

If you want an activity that will thrill your senses, why don’t you attempt for an ice climbing in the mountains. Not only that it will freak you out when you step on thin sheets of ice, it will also give you goose bumps. The mountains perpendicular and steep slopes are the reason why this is the perfect place to do this activity. This is the ideal activity for those people who are adventurous and wants to try something new and exciting. But if you are not an expert on mountain climbing, you can always ask the help and guidance of professionals before you start doing this.

Try Skiing

Aside from ice climbing, the other activity that you can do in the steep slope of mountains is skiing. Also, skiing is the very common and popular activity that everybody can do whenever the winter season is coming near. You should be a good balancer so that you can control your body well while doing a forward motion. By adding this to your list of activities, you can be assured that this would be the most unforgettable winter holiday that you will experience.

Go Ice Fishing

If you want to have a souvenir that you can bring home after you explore the wildlife without violating any government rules and laws about nature, then you can try to do ice fishing in the frozen lakes there. You might be thinking that since the lakes are frozen you will not be able to catch some fish there, but there is where you are wrong. The lake’s outer surface is the only one frozen but the deep water beneath it is not. There you catch the same fishes that you usually catch in summer seasons and there is no difference on the things you will need. You just need to bring equipment that you will be using to crack and create a hole where you can slip through your fishing rod. You can cook or grill these fishes so that you can have food during your stay there.

Try Camping

The other best activity that you and your family can do in the forest is camping which is great way to spend your night there. This is perfect to enjoy the peaceful moment that you would never experience in your busy and stressful life in the city. If you do not have the equipments and camping tents, you can also choose to stay at forest cabins and huts that are available to everybody. You can do story – telling to the children, observe the night of life of animals, grill fish or even marshmallows by the fire, and so much more other fun activities. You can also apply the things that you have learned in survival camps and trainings if you went one before.

Relax And Bathe At Hot Springs

You need to know that some of the mountains out there commonly have nature – made hot springs that will still provide you warmth and coziness even in winter seasons. You can bathe and soak yourself in these hot springs so that you can relax and remove all the stress that you have because of your hectic and busy schedule in the city. Aside from that, it can also give you some health benefits such as loosening your tense muscles and improving the circulation of your blood. With this, it is really the perfect place where you can escape from the cold winter seasons.

As what stated above, you now know the interesting things and fun activities that you can do in the wildlife and mountains during the winter seasons. By knowing this, your winter holiday would surely be the most memorable holiday that you have ever experience in your life. You should also know that these are just few of them and there are a lot more for you to know. If you want to know what these are, you can ask your friends or a local tour guide to help you.

Hunting in the Snow

What Are The Necessary Things That You Should Bring When Hunting In The Snow

Are you considering going for a snow hunt? If yes, do you know the things that you should bring when hunting in the snow? You should have the idea on what are these things that are commonly important and necessary for you to have in your bag so that your snow hunting activity would turn the best one.  Areas around White Mountain Resort are actually very good for hunting- especially with crossbows( you might have a harder time with recurves). If you’re not sure about the supported crossbows, check out this best crossbows review – and remember, buy the proper bolts!  If you do not have these important and necessary things, you can expect that it word turn out to the opposite way. If you want to know what these things are, you can read the list below to help you.

This is the list of the necessary things that you should bring when doing a snow hunting.

Hunting Clothes That Are Good For Cold Weather

As you know that when doing a hunt, you have to wear only the appropriate and suitable clothes so that you will feel comfortable while doing this activity. But if you are doing a snow hunt, you must choose to wear hunting clothes that are not only comfortable for you but will also keep you warm in spite of the cold weather. It includes of thick hunting jackets, thick socks or toe warmers for your feet, and several pieces of thick hunting clothes to add more layer. You should also wear snow boots that you can use to walk steadily in grounds that are covered with snow.

Your Hunting Equipments

Your hunting equipments are composed of your hunting weapons such as firearms or bows and hunting accessories that you commonly use to hunt for your target easily. This is very important and necessary for you to bring because it answers the question of how can you hunt for an animal if you do not have the equipments that you need. You should also know that there are different kinds of hunting weapons that are available for you to use that will meet your required standards and more importantly your budget. All of these hunting equipments can also work well not only for summer seasons but also in winter seasons of hunting.

Hunting Camp

If you plan your snow hunting to take about two to three days, then you should consider bringing a camping tent and sleeping bag that is suitable for you to use in a cold condition. The sleeping bag should be comfy and thick enough for you to overcome the cold weather while the camping tent should be sturdy and durable so that it can withstand the strong breeze of cold winds. In this way, you can have a place where you can take a rest and will also keep you warm while spending the overnight there.

With all the information stated above, you now know the important and necessary things that you should bring in your snow hunting. It is very essential for you to know these things so that you can be prepared and ready to face the unexpected situations that might happen in your snow hunt. If you want to know more about this, you can ask the help of a hunting expert

Effectively Camping in the Snow

snow camping

Effective Guidelines That You Need To Know Before You Camp Out in the Snow

Are you planning to join a snow camping? And you want to know some tips and guidelines that will help you to become prepared and ready for it? To help you with that, you can read the list below that shows some of the effective guidelines that you need to know before you camp out in the snow.

Here is the list of the effective guidelines that you need to know before you do camping in the snow.

  1. Prepare Yourself

The first thing that you should do before you camp out in the snow is that you have to prepare yourself and plan for it carefully. You need to know that in every camp it always comes with a lot of considerations that ranges from the simple ones such as how many clothes would you bring up to the complicated ones. If you are a beginner, you should first equip yourself with knowledge about this so that you can be prepared to the possible conditions and situations that might occur. Also, if possible do this activity as a group or team so that you are ready for the worst scenario that might happen. You can also ask the help of camping experts for you to have idea on what are the things you need to know when camping in the snow.

  1. Consider The Temperature

Since that you opt for a snow camping, you can expect that the temperature that you have to face is the extreme cold weather. With this, the right clothes that you must pack and bring should always keep you warm and comfortable for you to overcome this kind of weather. It includes of thick jackets, thick sweaters, winter boots, gloves, earmuffs, scarves, and so on. For more assurance, you can also bring thick socks that you can use to warm your feet. You should also consider using a sleeping bag that is composed of several thick layers to prevent the penetration of cold from the ground.

  1. Pack A Good Amount Of Food And Water

One of the important things that you must have in your bag is the good amount of food and water. You should know that before going in a snow camp, you have to pack and bring first these necessary items for you to survive your stay there. Bring the suitable number of water bottles that you might need depending on how long your stay is and wrap this in towels or clothes to avoid it from freezing. Since it is cold, it is better for you to bring ready to eat soups or noodles that will keep your body warm. If possible, you can also pack for energy foods such as chocolates and different kinds of nuts.

As what stated above, you now have the idea on what are some of the effective guidelines that you need to know before you do a snow camping. You should know that these are just some of them and there are a lot more for you to know. If you want to know what the others are, you can ask a camping enthusiast to help you.

Top 5 best Snowboarding Spots in the World

Top 5 best Snowboarding Spots in the World

You can find many beautiful snowboarding places in the world. A professional snowboarder will have the joy of combining snowboarding and travelling. Ski destinations are always great places to cherish. The following are some of the best snowboarding spots in the world.

Top 5 best Snowboarding Spots in the World

Whistler Blackcomb, Canada:

Whistler Blackcomb is one of the most beautiful landscapes in the North-western region. You don’t have to be a professional skateboarder to stake in this area. There is something for everyone, and even novice riders can skate here. The place is also groomed for powder, open bowls, tree runs, think steep etc. The site is very close by to Vancouver, and it is one of the most significant skiing places in the world.

Niseko United, Japan:

The land of the rising sun has much more to it than just hardworking people. Japan is a beautiful country, and it has one of the best snowfalls in the world. They receive about 14m of snow per year. When it comes to riding powder, Niseko United is one of the best places to go. The amount of snow here attracts all the pow hunters to Japan. The tracks are usually covered with fresh snow, and people say that you will get covered with fresh snow up to waist level by the time you have made it to the top.

Wanaka, New Zealand:

New Zealand is yet another beautiful country in the world, and you will be able to see breathtaking sites. If you want to have a unique snowboarding experience you can visit the Wanaka in New Zealand. These resorts have open snowfields, and they will appear before you as an endless ocean of snow, and you will not be able to find any tree in sight. Riders can ride through the snow without having any constraints in their trails. There are many ski clubs, and you can use the towropes to access the terrains.

Snowbird, Utah, USA:

Snowbird is an easily accessible terrain, and it is an excellent place for both skiing and snowboarding. It has over 4700acres of skiable slopes. The grounds are also very steep, and it is also known for its incredible lightness. Snowbird also has a brilliant amount of snowfall each year making it a nice place for the snowboarders and skiers. The range receives about 1270cm of snow annually.

Tignes, France:

The resort in France is simply breathtaking for any snowboarder. It has some of the best terrain and also the best nightlife in the world. The terrain is groomed for powdery bowls, and you get to see a fantastic view of the lake from the top. One of the other things that will keep you thrilled in Tignes is the nightlife. Most of the crowd will be snowboarders, and thus you will have an amazing time.  It is so much fun to skateboard all day and chill out with some friends in the night.

5 must-know Snowmobile Safety Tips

5 must-know Snowmobile Safety Tips

Winterport is thrilling, and it gives you an exhilarating experience. Snowmobiling can be fun, but at the same time, it can get quite dangerous if you do not take proper precautions. The following are some of the must-know safety tips for snowmobiling.

5 must-know Snowmobile Safety Tips

Do not ride without knowing the laws:

Just like how you don’t hop into the car and start riding just like without understanding the fundamental laws and rules you must not ride the snowmobile without knowing the rules and laws. There are specific tests which you need to take to ride the snowmobile. You will be driving a deadly piece of equipment, and thus you need to be very careful in riding it. First, try to learn all the snowboarding laws in your place and check if you need a proper license or a certification to ride the snowmobile.

Take a safety class:

It is always advisable to take a snowmobile safety class. At the class, they will teach you all the basic rules and laws of riding. Most of these safety classes will provide you with a certification or a licence. You also get to practice before you go on the real ride and the people at the course will teach you all the things you need to watch out during the ride.

Never go on a solo mission:

Snowmobiling is fun when you go with a couple of your friends. One of the main reasons to go with a group is that someone will always have your back. Two people can pair up and look out for each other during the ride. Try to plan your rides and make sure that everyone has a map with them so if someone gets lost you they can look at the map and get back on track.

Learn the hand signals:

It can be quite hard to shout from one corner to the other. You can learn hand signals to communicate with your group while riding. To stop you need to put your left arm in the air and keep your palm flat over your head. To turn left you to need to put your left arm straight to the direction you are going to turn. You need to do the same for taking a right, but you need to use your right hand.

Frozen water:

You need to be very careful when you come across frozen waters. They are one of the biggest reasons why snowmobile accidents happen. You can never judge an unknown water body, and thus you need to be very careful. To make sure that the ice is safe for the riding you need check the thickness of the ice. Make sure to calculate the snow coverage and the temperature. If you are visiting another area, then ask the locals if that place is suitable for snowmobiling. Always avoid ice if you see water on the edges and if there are cracks and holes in the surface.

The Best Experience Ever

"Just a note to say a word of thanks to our tour guide, Curtis, for the exceptional job he did as our guide on New Year's Day. What a way to bring in the new year - on top of the world at sunset!! My husband wanted to take the tour and I made reservations apprehensively. However, once I met Curtis I knew we were in good hands. He took it slow enough for me yet fast enough for my husband, plus he makes a great cup of hot chocolate too! My family will never forget the fun and the views that we saw that day. And thanks to Brandon for picking us up in Breckenridge. From start to finish you gave us some truly priceless memories. May you all be blessed in all of your future endeavors."
Chris Jones

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