Top 5 best Snowboarding Spots in the World

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You can find many beautiful snowboarding places in the world. A professional snowboarder will have the joy of combining snowboarding and travelling. Ski destinations are always great places to cherish. The following are some of the best snowboarding spots in the world.

Top 5 best Snowboarding Spots in the World

Whistler Blackcomb, Canada:

Whistler Blackcomb is one of the most beautiful landscapes in the North-western region. You don’t have to be a professional skateboarder to stake in this area. There is something for everyone, and even novice riders can skate here. The place is also groomed for powder, open bowls, tree runs, think steep etc. The site is very close by to Vancouver, and it is one of the most significant skiing places in the world.

Niseko United, Japan:

The land of the rising sun has much more to it than just hardworking people. Japan is a beautiful country, and it has one of the best snowfalls in the world. They receive about 14m of snow per year. When it comes to riding powder, Niseko United is one of the best places to go. The amount of snow here attracts all the pow hunters to Japan. The tracks are usually covered with fresh snow, and people say that you will get covered with fresh snow up to waist level by the time you have made it to the top.

Wanaka, New Zealand:

New Zealand is yet another beautiful country in the world, and you will be able to see breathtaking sites. If you want to have a unique snowboarding experience you can visit the Wanaka in New Zealand. These resorts have open snowfields, and they will appear before you as an endless ocean of snow, and you will not be able to find any tree in sight. Riders can ride through the snow without having any constraints in their trails. There are many ski clubs, and you can use the towropes to access the terrains.

Snowbird, Utah, USA:

Snowbird is an easily accessible terrain, and it is an excellent place for both skiing and snowboarding. It has over 4700acres of skiable slopes. The grounds are also very steep, and it is also known for its incredible lightness. Snowbird also has a brilliant amount of snowfall each year making it a nice place for the snowboarders and skiers. The range receives about 1270cm of snow annually.

Tignes, France:

The resort in France is simply breathtaking for any snowboarder. It has some of the best terrain and also the best nightlife in the world. The terrain is groomed for powdery bowls, and you get to see a fantastic view of the lake from the top. One of the other things that will keep you thrilled in Tignes is the nightlife. Most of the crowd will be snowboarders, and thus you will have an amazing time.  It is so much fun to skateboard all day and chill out with some friends in the night.